Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Odds and Ends

I had an amazing FEX post prepared for yesterday and fotoflexer wasn't cooperating. *sad panda*  So, next Sunday FEX will be back - hopefully my collage will work - and Fave Cousin will be off my ass for awhile.

Friday brought the arrival of The Man's son from Colorado Springs.  He will be here for a month.  While The Man and I do not live together, his son will be spending the next month under my roof for a number of reasons.
  1.  The Man lives in a 3 bedroom townhome with 2 roommates.  The only place for his son to sleep there is on the couch.  Here, The Boy has bunk beds and the two of them can share a room.  (They are only 10 days apart in age AND they get along.)
  2. The Man works 13 - 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.  By staying here, his son will have someplace to be with adult supervision AND other kiddos to play with.
  3. I cook.  The Man goes out to eat.  Need I say more about that?
On Saturday, my beloved son returned from a week at Boy Scout camp.  It has been chaos here since.  Some highlights from his trip include kids from his troop being chased by a bear (they were camping in northern Wisconsin), a huge thunder storm resulting in a canoe 30 feet from his tent being struck by lightning, a woodtick embedded in his belly (EW!), and bringing home a urine filled canteen ("Mom! It was dark, it was raining, and there were BEARS!").  Needless to say, he is excited to go back next year.

Today, The Girl's BF and the BF's older sister spent the day here while their mom was at work.  The girls used to be our neighbors and moved near the end of the school year.  They informed me today that the relative they were living with (their mother was evicted from the home they were renting in my neighborhood) has kicked them out and they have been living in a hotel for the last month.  It breaks my heart that their mother is such an irresponsible pain and that they're no longer just down the street.  My home used to be their safe haven.  Their mom has tried repeatedly to use me as a free childcare for the girls already this summer.  I would love to help, but I can't afford to feed 5 kids every day.

I also found out over the weekend that I will be able to go to Chicago in August for a Memorial BBQ in honor of my Favorite Uncle.  He lost an ugly battle with Leukemia just over a year ago.  I'm super stoked to see Fave Cousin, her hubby, and their kids as well as my Favorite Aunt and a whole slew of other cousins and family members!  I don't get to see my family anywhere near enough.

Anywho, stay tuned this week for some exciting stuff!  I will be hosting my very first (real) giveaway this week!  Also, during DuckFest, I won a Stickman cartoon!  That will be debuting right here at Only Parent Chronicles THIS WEEK!!!


Holy Hannah said...

Wow, aren't you a busy girl lately? I think that it's fabulous that you and the Man are working out so nicely. You deserve it. I also think that it's hilarious that the boy came back with a urine filled canteen! HA!!!

SurferWife said...

I CAN NOT wait to see this Stickman cartoon.

I hope you directed Ed to really look like an A-Hole. :)

Unknown said...

lmbo @ the urine filled canteen. My question would be were teh adults ont he trip aware hehad done that?? If so why notmake him clean it out b4 cominghome.. good grief woman slow down lol..

Ducky said...

I'm so stinkin super duper excited for Stickman's debut! Ed really out did himself with this one!!!!

You're a good woman Dreamweaver, a good damn woman. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

adrienzgirl said...

You are never coming to see me! Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!

The Stickman debut? WE ARE GOING TO BE FAMOUS! WOOT!

oh...even if you never make it to FL? *sniff* *sniff* I still love you.

BigSis said...

You have such exciting things in your world. I hope the visit is wonderful.

Danielle said...

You have a huge heart! I love that about you!

Kate said...

Psh, get me off your ass? Never. Especially since I know about the dates with Jill. That gives me enough fuel for a lifetime. Love you more than peanut butter!

June said...

Gee...No wonder you haven't been on BB chat, it's a mad house over there!!
Sorry to hear that about the neighbor girls. That is sad and I can imagine how this affects you.

That stickman cartoon is Da Bomb!

jules said...

I live in north central Wisconsin. Yep, there are lots of bears around here. This year there has actually been more than other years. They are in people's yards and always crossing the roads. Glad he had fun.

Anonymous said...

ok, so. Wait a minute.

YOUR son can pee IN a canteen. With a teeny tiny hole???

While no boy in my house (hubs included) can manage to pee in a giant toilet??

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