Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost in Full Swing

As we all know, September is a month of beginnings.  In my family, September brings the beginning of school, the beginning of homework (and homework completion battles), the beginning of scouting, the beginning of fall (my favorite!), and the beginning of religion.

This year, the youth coordinator at our church sent out a questionaire for the kids to fill out prior to religion starting.  The questions were random, but great!  So, I'm going to answer....

1. If you could do something really heroic, what would you do?
Eliminate malpractice suits and insurance companies so healthcare could be afforable for all... (Think Little House on the Prairie style!)

2. What is your favorite thing that begins with the letter "H"?
I'm going to go with The Girl on this one and say HUGS

3. What are three jobs that you think might be really fun to have someday?
  • Rock Star
  • Food Critic
  • Actress
4. If you could change one rule that your parents have set for you, what would it be?
(The Girl - she's 9 - said not being allowed to wear make-up.  The Boy said bedtime.)
I don't really remember having many rules as a kid (that I followed, anyway), but it always frustrated me that I wasn't allowed to drive north of the Minnesota River until I had my license for a year.  Really, Mom?!?  I can drive to Iowa?  Texas?  Nebraska?  Illinois?  But I'm not allowed to cross the river and go to Bloomington, Minneapolis, or St. Paul?  Brilliant!

5. Have you ever faced a bully?  How did you handle it?
I was married to a bully.  I left, at 4 months pregnant with our 2nd child.  He died when she was 6 months old.  We were still married, but divorce was inevitable had he not died...

6. If you could have any superpower, what would you have or what would you use?
Ooooh, this one ties in with Moxie Media's Writer's Workshop!  If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to decipher bullshit and know the truth!  I would use it to determine when the kids a lying, to know a man's intentions, to know who extended the invitation when the drama llama comes to town, etc!  I would love this superpower to death, as it would safe me a lot of time and frustration in my home life, my dating life, and my friend life!

7. What is your favorite day of the year?  Why?
My favorite day of the year... Hmmm...  That's a toughie.  I don't know that it is a specific date.  My favorite day of the year is any day my amazing family of 3 can spend an entire day together having fun - and NO FIGHTING!  I love, love, love that day!

8. If you could invent anything you wanted, what would it be?
A money tree that bloomed frequently and could be harvested daily.

9. In your opinion, what is the most boring thing to do?  What is something you could do to make it more exciting?
The Most Boring...  I'm going to have to go with fold laundry.  Folding laundry is by far the bain of my existence.  I'm not really sure if it is possible to make it more fun.  Maybe if I had Mary Poppins' magical ability to play "Tidy Up the Nursery" and could change the name of the game to "Fold and Put Away All of the Laundry", then MAYBE it would be more exciting...  Maybe...

10. When you meet other kids for the first time, what is one thing you usually want to know about them right away?
Do you have an attractive, successful, and emotionally available single father?  Oh, wait!  I really want to know if they are kind to other people.  I don't like my kids hanging out with jerks.

11. If you could start your own company today, one that would be run entirely by kids, what would your business make and sell?
I'm pretty sure there are all kinds of labor laws that would not allow this to EVER happen (thanks a lot, Upton Sinclair), but a confectionary would be cool...

12. What is one thing you are pretty certain you will be good at when you get older?
I'm pretty ceratin I will still be darn good at baking (and eating what I bake) when I get older!

Hahaha!  That was fun!  You should try it!


Jennifer said...

Ok see, I totally have that superpower (and unfortunately so does my Baby Girl). And I have it's twin in that I can also lay the bullshit down. Fun times. I've never really thought about it being a unique skill though. Hmmmm.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stefany said...

That would be the BEST superpower!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I love this post. I'm with ya on the superpower. Love the answer to #10 as well.... my first thought is the single father question ~ seriously. My daughter's father is also a bully.... i get ya on that one too!!
Wonderful list ~ do you mind if I use it on my blog (with my own answers of course)??

KristinFilut said...

You should totally use it on your own blog!! Looking forward to reading your answers!!!


Kristen said...

What a fun post. As far as #10 goes...I totally agree. Often wondering if have an "attractive, successful, and emotionally available single father?"...or uncle, family friend. ANYONE!

Cat said...

I left my marriage at 4 months pregnant too... he went crazy and tried to kill me, but he was a bully before that. Best decision I ever made.

Juliana said...

Ha ha ha ha ha number 1O really made me laugh. I hope you find that Prince Charming. There should be some kind of survey that have to fill out before going on a date!

I am a new follower. Pop on by to my blog and follow back if you would like. I am actually doing my very first giveaway-itunes gift card and breast cancer bracelet-it ends on the 8th! Well, it is nice to "meet" you!

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