Friday, September 25, 2009

Wannabe Hoochie Mama

Ok.  Not really.  But the thought did cross my mind.

As I've mentioned before, since being laid off, I've been bartending.  Usually that shoots to hell any opportunity for a social life...  Especially during the school year when babysitters aren't abundant.


Saturday night, I'm going out...  Dancing.  I'm pretty excited.  I haven't been to a nightclub in YEARS!!  Like, at least 5 years.  Except for the time I took a 20 year-old girl I work with and her friend to an 18+ club downtown because they didn't know they way.  But that doesn't exactly count, because I was more in babysitter mode than girls night out mode.  I digress...

Granted, going out in downtown Minneapolis isn't like hitting the clubs in NYC, LA, or even Miami for that matter.  But clubs still have dress codes and people still dress up.  Herein lies my problem.  My closet isn't exactly stocked with nightclub clothes.  I have been shopping 3 times since making these plans to find something to wear with no success.  And it's not that I can't find something age appropriate or unskanky.  I cannot find ANYTHING!  I don't want to go out dancing in jeans or black pants!  I WANT A CUTE LITTLE BLACK DRESS!!!!  (Or any other flattering color for that matter!)

I'm going shopping again on Saturday afternoon.  I think I'm going to have to go to (gasp) The Mall of America!  Noooooooooo!!!!  I avoid that place like kids avoid broccoli!  (Actually, my kids love broccoli, but you know what I was getting at.)  What if I still can't find anything?  Is it possible for me to go shopping at THE largest indoor mall in this country and still come home empty handed?  And once I find something I think I like, how do I know I don't look like I'm trying too hard to look young(er than I am) and cute?

Ugh!  Is going out dancing really worth all of this stress?  Maybe I should just stay in with a bottle of wine... (Sigh)


MindyMom said...

YAY for going out! Yeeeah, I would avoid the mall too, if I were you. Do you have a Nordstrom Rack where you live? I have found some fun dresses there and they have been very reasonable. The markdown is incredible!

Hope you have a great time!

KristinFilut said...


We do have Nordstrom Rack and the closest one is at the dreaded Mall of America. Argh... Guess I'll be wearing my hiking boots shopping.


Unknown said...

I used to love shopping... now it takes way to long to find something I like and am willing to spend money on. I hate it. Good luck!
:) Dolli-Mama

Unknown said...

Oh... I hear ya, sista. I'm in the same boat. Good luck dress hunting. Age appropriate.... pfffttt... find something you "feel" fabulous in, and don't worry what others may think!!!!

You go!!!! and have a great time!

Mike said...

Hoochie Mama! I didn't think anyone else knew that term. I use to use it a lot when I valeted. It use to come up for how the women dressed at the parties. I would say find a dress that you feel great in. That feeling will outshine everything else.

PS. Love the Eduardo pic.

KristinFilut said...


Thanks. I heart Eduardo.


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