Sunday, December 5, 2010

Future Ex-Husbands - New England Patriots Past and Present

You may or may not know, but I am a lover of all things New England Patriots.
The greatest day of my life, aside from the births of my children, was seeing the Pats play here in Minneapolis.
To go to Foxboro would truly be a dream come true.
I love my boys.

Let me give you a glimpse of some of the men I love that wore the red, white, and blue at some point throughout their career.

Drew Bledsoe.
My first football love.
He is the reason I have never accepted Tom Brady.
I will forever be a Bledsoe girl.

Adam Vinatieri.
My heart broke the day Adam signed with Indy.
I screamed with joy when the Pats intercepted the ball at the end of the 4th quarter in their last game vs. Indy this year so I wouldn't have to cheer against my love.
He is by far the greatest kicker in NFL history and I love him.

Vincent Brisby.
Vincent is one of the reasons I became a Patriots fan.
I had him on my 1st ever fantasy football team and he was one of my top point earners.
I do admit, watching him play was definitely a treat on the eyes.

Curtis Martin.
Curtis is the other reason I became a Pats fan.
He too was on my 1st fantasy team.
I'm sure he's been on other fantasy lists of mine, too.

Tedy Bruschi.
Oh Tedy, how do I love thee.
Let me count the ways...
In addition to being the greatest defensive player in Patriots history, Tedy won America's hearts when he came back to the game after suffering a debilitating stroke.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis.
Say it with me! BenJarvus Green-Ellis!
It's so much fun to say!
And do I love watching this man repeatedly scoring touchdowns!

Wes Welker.
Look at those eyes!
Really?!?! What more do I need to say!?!

While there are so many more New England treats, past and present, these are the highlights!

Join me tomorrow night in cheering them on as they take on the nasty, hated New York Jets.

All pictures located via Google images.


Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

Wes Walker looks like someone from the movies. . . Johnnie Lee Miller. Not bad.

The Sisters' Hood said...

Big sweaty men :)
Sent you an e-mail, hope you let me post some of my personal faves one of these fine days !

Andrea said...

Oh. I'm torn. Sorry, girl, but I am an anti-Pats fan, as my first team of choice was Miami. But woohiee. Those eyes are a killer. And I totally remember crushing on Bledsoe. ;)

Unknown said...

oooh Wes's eyes are yummy

Anonymous said...

Curtis Martin always looked BETTER IN GREEN!

Good luck tonight!

Mimi N said...

My oh my, you've got quite the fantasy...fantasy football team created.


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