Sunday, August 15, 2010

Future Ex-Husband's - My Favorite Man In Chicago

Happy Sunday!

I am away this weekend, spending some much needed time with loved ones in Chicagoland.

My trip got me to thinking about a man I spent a lot of time fantasizing about as a kid.  I always hoped that one day I would run into him on the streets of Chicago.
At 32, I can sadly say, I've had not such luck.

Ladies, I bring you one of my ALL TIME favorite actors,

John Cusack!

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Unknown said...

Don't worry....there are many more chances!! Right??

Andrea said...

LOVE him! Grosse Pointe Blank is one of our faves!!! said...

I have seen every movie of his at least 5 times. Love him!

adrienzgirl said...

*sigh* He's sooooo I don't even know. Everyone loves him. Freaks, geeks, hot chics, men. Everyone loves him. He's like quirky and sexy, and quirky, and....*sigh*

Great choice...

Kate said...

Also LOVE John!! Dad once said, "If I were gay, that John Cusack would be in trouble." ;-)

Debbie said...

mmmmmm...LOVE John Cusack!!!!

The Single Mothers Chronicles said...

LOVE him! Since "Say Anything"...totally got me! (Ok you may not see HIM in Chicago but you might see ME!!)

Tamara Dawn said...

LOVE him!! His sister is a pretty cool chica too. But not in the lezbo kind of way. But just that she is cool and I hear her every day like hours at a time because she is the voice of that cowgirl in Toy Story 2 and Micah watches that movie over and over and

Oh but damn look I got off course again, go figure!

John Cusack is a hottie in the nottie kind of way. Like Napoleon Dynamite. He's a big geek but you see that hotness it's right there under the geekness.

Ok this is a long comment but hell - did John C get a nose job because I noticed that in his 2012 movie. He needs to leave that nose alone!

Ok done now.

Unknown said...

I have always had a crush on him! I feel like he's perfected playing Lloyd Dobler over and over again. ;)

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