Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saved By the List

Well guys and gals, it's that time o' the week.  It's that day when the pages of The Only Parent Chronicles are graced with the face (and often barely clothed body) of one of my awesomely gorgeous Future Ex-Husbands. 

You know, being boy crazy takes a lot of energy.  I could very easily post repeated images of my Top 3, but really, I don't need y'all loving Ryan, Adam, and Brad more than me.  So each week, I dig deep into my memory banks and search for images of men that have floated my boat at some point or another and still maintain that certain yumminess to keep me smiling.

This week, I dug deep....  Remember this guy?

That's right guys and gals, Mark Paul Gosselaar....
Or often better known as the one and only, Zack Morris.

The amzing thing is, this teen heartthrob just keeps doing it for me.  Over and over!  Remember him on NYPD Blue (Greatest. Show. Ever.)?  Hottie!!!

And now on Raising the Bar?  Love that show!

Even rocking the silly scarf, he's yummy in my book.

What I don't understand is this,

Really?!?!?!  WTF?!?  He looks possessed!  And honestly! Who tattoos a celebrity on their body?  And a man getting Zack Morris on his leg?  Weird!  Just sayin'...

Here is the Throwing Mike a Bone portion of this post.  I tested the link this time, hopefully it does you better than Eve Mendes last week...  Soooo sorry for that.


The Rambler said... la la la.

Imagine me singing. :)

Who DIDNT love Zack? sigh.

adrienzgirl said...

I think I will let you keep this one DreamWeaver! :D

Anonymous said...

what the hell?! a GUY with a tattoo of a GUY? maybe it's his dad or grandpa...that's the only way i will swallow that and not say he's a freak!

Mike said...

That worked very nicely. Thanks.

Tracie said...

I'm kinda "meh" on this one. And grossed out by the tat.

Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

The pic of him as a teen makes me feel like I shouldn't like the pic of him as a man. It's weird. The adult hotness pictures (minus the tat) would have been enough for me, cause, DAMN!

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I love tattoos, but that was just disturbing! lol :)

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