Monday, October 19, 2009

Things to Ponder From the Weekend

~  Did anyone else see the Pats lay the smack down in Foxboro yesterday?  What the crap?  Welcome back to football, Tom Brady.  It took you long enough!  Wish I wouldn't have cancelled that trip!  Would have loved to watch that game first hand!!!     

~  What's with Mother Nature's multiple personality disorder?  It was B-E-A-utiful here this weekend!   Let's hope it stays this way!

~  Why does The Boy find it necessary to call me at midnight from a sleepover to come pick him up?  It's not even like he does it everytime.  Just randomly.  No rhyme or reason.  Just, "Mom, can you come get me.  I'm ready to come home."  And then other times I have to call the following day to find out if he's ever coming home.  Weird.

~  When will I learn that my body likes me better after a night of drinking vodka than it does after a night of drinking beer?  And why do I think I can still party like it's 1999?  I'm not 21 anymore,  Boy does my body like to remind me.

~Apparently purple hair and black eyeliner makes me Goth.  What the hell is Goth anyway?  One of the teenagers at work said I'm too girly to be Goth and that the person who called me that is dumb.  Well, doi...  But really?  Are there really Gothy emos in their 30's?  Get a LIFE!

~  Yes, I said purple hair.  It's purple highlights, to be more specific.  I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

~  Dream Guy made me mad for the LAST time.  Stupid man.

~  What a great weekend to catch up on my TV watching.  DVR is AMAZING!  I got to watch The Forgotten, Flash Forward, Psych, Raising the Bar, and enough Burn Notice to get my Jeffery Donovan fix for the rest of October.  (Yum!  Notice a theme? Christian Slater, Joseph Fiennes, James Roday, Mark Paul Gosselar, and Jeffery Donovan.  Hehehe!)

~  Should I say yes if the customer from work asks me out?  He seems very nice, but he reminds me a lot of the late hubby. 

So many things to ponder...

How was your weekend?


Lisa Anne said...

NE game was prety freakin cool. They did have the advantage with playing in the snow though. LOL I want purple hair. I dyed mine a blackish purple and it faded now to like an auburn. I've got to try it again.

Senorita said...

Say yes to the man, but take things veerry slow.

You have purple hair ? Pictures, please !

Tracie said...

Purple highlights?? That sounds awesome! (I'm not being snarky, btw.)

Mike said...

Never a good sign when a potential date reminds you of an ex. I'm just saying.

Unknown said...

Yes.. pic's please of the hair. I had purple highlights once... I loved it. Bet you look fantastically sexy.

If you gotta ask about the guy and the potential date... AND if he reminds you an ex ~ hmmm, I've been there many times, and the red-flag was always there for a reason!! (also, just sayin' LOL)

~T~ said...

My Mom's fav. color is purple - wonder if I can talk her into coloring hers? haha
Visiting from SITS. Have a great day.

KristinFilut said...

Hahaha! You guys are awesome. I'll work on pictures. I guess unless you follow me on twitter, you have no idea what I even look like ;)

As far as the guy - I question whether or not I should go out with him because he is a customer where I work and as a rule, I don't date customers. And the part about him reminding me of the late hubby - he reminds me of the man I fell in love with and married. The man I actually liked. Not the narcissitic drug addict that I came to despise prior to his death... It's really kind of weird.

Cat said...

Oooh, hair sounds pretty. The Pats were awesome- Tom Brady is my fantasy QB, and he scored me 94 points. I <3 him.

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