Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Should Be Simple Pleasures...

Yesterday, the new X-Men movie came out. As we are all huge X-Men fans, I thought it would be a great treat to head over to the Red Box and rent it. On a school night. So I did.

Honestly, I don't know why I try to watch movies with the kids. The Boy, a self-proclaimed expert in EVERYTHING, spent the entire movie talking. Every new character that was introduced was provided a backstory. ("Oh! Mom! That's Sabertooth! He's Wolverine's brother!" ) And each and every storyline was critiqued. ("What! That's not how that is supposed to happen! That's not what the story in the books is!") Repeatedly I find myself unable to hear any of the dialogue or following the plot. Repeatedly I find myself saying, "Boy! Stop talking! Watch the movie!"

Then there is The Girl. While she is considerably more annoyed with The Boy than I, she isn't repeatedly telling him to can it. Instead, she's interrogating me. "What just happened? Who is that? What does that mean?" Argh!! Really!?!? I'm confident she knows the movie was just released today. She is also very aware that I, like her, did not see it in the theatre. Taking a deep breath, I say to her, "Girl, I've seen just as much as you. You know everything I know."

Needless to say, all I know about the new X-Men movie is exactly what I knew prior to renting it. 1). I really want to see it. 2). Ryan Reynolds (#2 on The List) is freaking HOT!!!

Note to self: Watch all movies you really want to see after the kids are in bed. They can watch it later.


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