Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brilliant Observations from the Dog Park

I have a Great Dane.

She's big... And she's sweet... And she's a really big chicken.

We love to take her to the dog park to play and socialize with other dogs and people. She loves it, too. People are always happy to pet her, and they are often amazed at her sweet, low-key disposition.

It would seem, however, that whenever Nat makes an appearance at the dog park, people are stricken with a case of "Captain Obvious" syndrome.

After 2 years, I should probably be used to it, but the stoopid things that come out of people's mouths never cease to amaze me...

Obvious Observations About Great Danes
  • "Wow! That's a big dog!"
    Obviously my favorite, to which I'd like to respond, "Do you think so?"
  • "Your dog's paws are huge!"
    Really? They seem small to me....
  • "She must eat a lot!"
    Far less than a human 3 year-old.
  • "I don't have to bend over to pet your dog; That's really cool."
    I never realized that. Thanks for pointing it out!
  • "I bet your dog could eat me!"
    She's far more likely to crush you when trying to crawl into your lap.
  • "Cool dog! What kind is it?!?"
    A yorkie.
  • "Your dog is so big, I bet I could ride it,"
    Oh? You double as a circus monkey?
  • "You have a horse!"
    Sure, if a horse is 36" tall and weighs 120 pounds...
  • "That's a dog?"
    No. She's a squirrel.
  • "I bet it poops a lot."
    I bet you poop a lot...
Needless to say, I do a lot of smiling and nodding...

As for Natty, she's just happy people are paying attention to her.


Kimberly said...

Funny people say that about my 3 year old who looks like he's 6 ;)

Mimi N said...

I loved your dog!! Sooo sweet. She's! ;)

Diane said...

I love Great Danes! They just seem like gentle giants to me. Though I confess, every time I see one I do say, "Good Lord, that's a BIG DOG"! Because I'm so used to my little wiener dog. :)

Kate said...

I miss that Natty girl almost as much as I miss you because I love her more than I love 99% of our family. She is the favorite dog i never owned. I miss her A LOT.
love you.

Adrienne said...

People are so weird. These quotes are so funny. Especially the one about riding the dog. Really?

Carries Rambles said...

lmao at the "it's a yorkie"
Of course I'm guilty of the whole "holy cow that's a big dog" since I'm used to 4 dogs around 10 pounds.

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