Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cupcake Making Dancing Music

Friday was my daughter's 11th birthday. She is now 11 and going into the 6th grade.

I'm a bit scared.

But... On Saturday we hosted her birthday party. What she wanted to do more than anything was to have everyone decorate their OWN cupcakes. Which meant that my Saturday morning was spent baking.

To set the mood of fun, I popped the new Mat Kearney CD I received from One2One Network into the disc changer and turned up the volume.


The Young Love album is upbeat and fun. It is completely family friendly, and I had no concerns about blaring it as my daughter, her best friend, and I starting whipping up cupcakes like no one's business...

The girls danced around the kitchen to the catchy lead off single, "Hey Mama". Although not all as fast paced, the rest of the album proved to be full of the catchy and rhythmic tunes Mat Kearney is known for!

My favorite song on the album was "Learning to Love Again". My daughter loved the beat and lyrics to "She Got the Honey" and danced around to it long after the cupcakes were baked!

The cupcakes turned out famously, and the girls were riding high on an icing induced sugar high for much of the night. I survived my youngest turning 11 and officially entering the middle school years...

Now to prep myself for 14 and high school... Maybe Mat will have an album to help me cope.

I received the Mat Kearney Young Love album at no charge from One2One Network in exchange for my honest opinion.


Kimberly said...

11? I thought I was going to die when Chunky turned three last Saturday. Why do they grow so fast?!
Happy Birthday to your girl and it sure looked like so much fun!!

Kir said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter....and cupakes...OMG I adore cupcakes!!!! Plus I love the new Matt ' CD too!!! His HEY MAMA is so funky and lighthearted who wouldn't love that song. So glad for the happiness, the dancing and the birthday cupcakes!!!

Jessica @ My Simply Complicated said...

You can only hope that he has something to help you through that, right?!

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