Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Wrap Up

It seems as the chaos of summer winds down, I have time to sit and sort through the events of the last several months.

It is amazing how much we can pack into 12 short weeks.

With the end of a relationship that was quickly going nowhere, I was able to dig deeper and evaluate feelings for my ex-fiance' turned best friend of the last three years. I've learned that it is impossible to move on when your heart is still stuck on what might have been. Deny it as much as you like, and try to put three years between your heart and the relationship, if it's love, and it's real, it's not going to go away.

In 3 short weeks, the man I had once thought I would spend my life with will be moving back to the great state of Minnesota so we can spend the rest of our lives figuring life out - together. Our relationship is a long story that had a big "The End" only to find us at the beginning once again. And I am excited.

This summer, my kids and I also met my late husband's family for the very first time.

In the years I knew my husband, he was estranged from his mom and dad. They weren't at our wedding, they had never seen our children. I am pretty sure that my longest conversation with his mother was upon his death, simply to let her know.

Fast forward 10 long years...

My children and I went to Seattle on the Big Fat Family Road Trip this year. Somewhere deep in my memory banks, I recalled that his parents - divorced - lived in the Seattle area. Having never met them and never having been in contact with them, I wasn't sure how to find them. But I decided I was going to find them. At 10 and 12, my children should finally be able to meet their grandparents and learn about their father's side of the family.

After countless Google and Facebook searches, I was able to locate his dad, who in turn got me in touch with his mom. On our last day in Washington, my children met their paternal grandparents  for the very first time.

Late husband circa 1992
I had mixed feelings about the people who could go a decade without reaching out to the children of their late son. However, I was glad to have the chance to meet them.

His mother had lunch with us and brough pictures of him in his youth. It was astonishing how much my son really looks like his dad. It made him happy to hear his grandma gush about the resemblance. My daughter beamed as she heard stories about the man she's always dreamed of calling Daddy.

We were invited to dinner by his dad and his dad's wife. They were both such warm and kind people. We spent the evening just getting to know one another. My kids were so excited to learn about their dad's side of the family.

I had an amazing experience at BlogHer in August. It was my first ever blogging convention, and it was everything I hoped and more. I was honored to be a part of #OperationGlory - the now legendary BlogHer flash mob, and had the pleasure of finally meeting some amazing people I talk to almost daily via Twitter and text messaging.

#OperationGlory Team

Me & @MeSoRandy

The Lovely SurferWife

My Darling Roomie, @QuesoBonito

@SurferWife, @MeSoRandy, @QuesoBonito, & @Kristin_OPC

@TheBlueZoo, @PrettyPinkMomma, & Me!
Reflecting on fond memories always brings a smile to my face. I look forward to this next chapter in life with eager anticipation, and I feel completely blessed to have you to share it with!


Liz Mays said...

I'm so happy for you! I hope that this will be a wonderful, wonderful thing for you. :) Muah!
And again, loved meeting you so much!

Unknown said...

I am so glad your kids got to meet their paternal grandparents. My oldest son did get the chance to meet his father and upon his death his paternal grandparents would not allow him to be at the funeral. Because their son was a drug addict that lost his right to see his son, and they felt I should have allowed him to continue to endanger him.
I would so love to go to a blogger conference sighs

Kimberly said...

Wow. I can't even imagine how that first meeting went but I think that the kids really needed that. So glad that you did that, for them. It must have been hard at first.
Your summer sounds wonderful thus far!! And you deserve a wonderful summer!

Cari said...

That is an amazing summer, Kristin! Best of luck and much well-deserved happiness your way!

Anonymous said...

I am really happy for your children meeting their grandparents. Mine always lived in Ecuador, so I treasured those summers when I got to spend time with them. Plus they hold their dad's family history and they should know them.

I'm so glad we met at Blogher and so sad we didn't get a picture! Next time for sure! {hugs}

Anti-Supermom said...

Heck of a post, lady!!

So excited for you and your relationship. I hope that it is everything you deserve.

Next, I'm so proud of you for being bold and brave and reaching out to your ex-husband's family. My brother just two years ago, found his birth mother, it's just so wonderful when stories go well like this and his.

And I can't talk about BlogHer anymore, I'm going to throw up...


Single Mom Seeking said...

You so deserve a new, loving, respectful beginning. You are so beautiful and strong.

I read through your entire story today, all 5 parts -- you're so brave. I've been there -- having a child with an addict -- and know what it means to move on and start again.

I'm so excited for you!!!

Mimi N said...

He's coming back?! Wow...this should prove interesting. How amazing you found your kids' paternal grandparents! I'm sure getting to meet the grandkids must've been something amazing & special.


Kir said...

I feel so lucky to have found you now at this amazing time of your life. I felt tears of happy stinging my eyes as I read this. I wish you so much joy and closure in the coming months, I'm so happy I'll be here to read all about it.

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