Sunday, July 17, 2011

Future Ex-Husbands ~ 40+

My dear, sweet friend Mimi from Woven By Words recently commented that it was a shame that all of the good eye candy was of the "young enough to date my daughter and not me" variety. I quickly responded that there were many hotties in the "old enough for us" category, and went in search of the perfect man for Meem.

I soon realized that there were soooo many options!
So today is dedicated to Mimi.
May she find her options plentiful!

Also, new this week, per the request of my dear friend Andrea at Good Girl Gone Redneck, feel free to link up with your own Future Ex-Husbands post! Just grab the button above and feel free to link it up below!

Edward Norton ~ 41

Gary Oldman ~ 53

Matt Damon ~40

Jordan Knight ~ 41

Mark Wahlberg ~ 40

As usual, thanks to Google Images for the yummy photos!


Andrea said...

Oh, Mark, how I love thee. He's on tap for me if not for WW, then if you do this next week, I'll link up, too. Speaking of, I added the button but can't find the linky. Where it at? ;)

Rebecca said...

nice line up today and no one is jailbait

Cari said...

I just saw Jordan in concert this weekend in the Twin Cities....all hotties, those men. If they are 40, that makes me...????

Leighannn said...

Mmmm. These pictures made my night.
God bless actors.

{Stephanie}The Drama Mama said...

Oh yay!! I just might get a week's worth of posts up for a change!! matt is really 40? yum. I can think of a few more...

Anonymous said...

hey! Since when is this a linky??? Ive been asking for this to be a linky FOREVER. Remind me to kick you at BlogHer. =)


Raine said...

mark wahlberg is so yummy! I might have to play next week :)

Mimi N said...

You are so good to me, have I mentioned that? What a yummy line up. I'll just have to pick my way through the list. Well, aside from the ones who are married.


Jamie said...

Just came across your site from Liz (bellebeandog) and couldn't resist commenting on Jordan Knight. I've loved him since I was 12. Yes I went to the reunion tour, drug my mom and sister with me. And the best part - he pointed at me!!

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