Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mmmmm... Cocktails

It has been forever since I have linked up with my friend Adrienzgirl at Think Tank Momma for Share a Spoon. This week's theme is beverages, and years of bartending gives me lots of ideas here!

With the summer heat moving in, it isn't uncommon to want to unwind with a cool, refreshing drink. There are a lot of sweet tea vodkas on the market today, and sometimes it is difficult to figure out how to mix them.

This drink is called
Sex on the Plantation.
I don't know about you, but when I hear that name, I think of a Southern Belle fanning hersef on the veranda of a big ol' Antebellum Plantation.

What you need is:
1.5 ounces Peach Sweet Tea Vodka
4 ounces cranberry juice
.5 ounces orange juice

Mix the vodka and cranberry juice and top with orange juice.


Now get your butt on over to Momma's and check out the other drinks on the menu!

And if you have a favorite drink to beat the summer swealter - LINK UP!


adrienzgirl said...

I picture the same exact thing as you! That's too funny! Thanks for Sharing!!! Mwah!

Anonymous said...

I dont normally like peach stuff but this sounds really good. Plus I just love the name. lol

Rebecca said...

sounds yummy

MommyLisa said...

That sounds awesome. My hubby does the regular "John Daley" sweet tea vodka with pink lemonade.

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