Sunday, June 12, 2011

If My Life Were A Reality Show

I went last Thursday with my Twitter pal @KT_Little to a local casting call for the Bachelor/Bachelorette. While I was only in attendance as a wingman, I still found the process quite interesting.

Although my friend Mimi was incredibly disappointed that I didn't try out, the whole "of brush with reality tv" thing got me to thinking.... What if my life were a reality show?

I mean, aside from the desperately needed TLC from Ty and the entire Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew, and probably an intervention from the Mission: Organization team on HGTV, what exactly would reality tv at my house look like...

A girl's night out on the town?

Eating out in VIP fashion...

Hawt dates with beautiful men - maybe even Ryan would notice me!

And of course, constant hounding by paprazzi.

Would my children be at increased risk of corruption..

... due to my long hours on set?

Or would they remain good kids, unscathed by the pressures of Hollywood?

There are many scenarios to ponder, if my life were a reality show.

And truthfully, if I consider what little reality TV I have actually seen, I don't think my life could handle anymore chaos, shananiganizing, and nonsense than it already has.
So I'll pitch that dream, and embrace what my life really is -

Perfect imperfection, on display exclusively to those I love.


Shell said...

Seems like it would only add drama, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh! You should have totally tried to be on the Bachelor! I could be all - I KNOW her! And then the guy probably wouldnt pick you (cause they never pick the one they SHOULD pick they always pick the dumbass girl, and since you are not a dumbass he wont pick you.) and THEN you could have been the Bachelorette, where I would be yelling at you on my tv for picking the dumb guy instead of the one you SHOULD pick. Sheesh!

I guess its a good thing you skipped it. Im not sure I could handle the stress.

tara said...

This was a cute post! :) I definitely don't think I could ever handle being on a reality tv show. I'm too anxious and awkward! I would love an extreme home makeover though!

Mimi N said...

And we SOOO love ya, chaos and all! =) I still think you'd rock the Bachelorette. Those men would be putty in your hands!


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