Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Each year, my children and I embark on our family adventure - The Big Fat Family Roadtrip. Usually, our journey takes place around Spring Break. Due to different school calendars, my children had Spring Break at different times this year. So, instead of a Spring Break vacation, this year the Big Fat Family Roadtrip will be a summer vacation!

In an attempt to see all 48 contiguous states before the kids graduate, we head out in different directions every year. Our first year took us from Minnesota to Florida, with stops in Illinois, Tennessee, and Georgia along the way. Last year we left here for Colorado, slipped in a stop in Vegas, and had the chance to see historic Route 66.

My kids have currently seen 23 of the lower 48, and this year we will be adding 5 more!

Our destination this year is Seattle. Along the way we hope to see Devil's Tower, Yellowstone, and Cannon Beach.



Most years, we end up someplace I have been before. This will be our first year where 100% of our stops are new to us. I'm really excited.

Because I have never been to any of these places, I am unsure of the must do's and the must see's. If anyone has any recommendations - I welcome them!

In the meantime, trip preparation has begun! Travelling by car for 10 days with two kids can be challenging. With the right mix of travel time, in car activities, and stuff to see along the way, a road trip can be close to painless, and even VERY enjoyable!

I plan to share with you tips and best practices over the next few weeks, as we ready ourselves for the 3rd Annual Big Fat Family Roadtrip!


Unknown said...

Sounds like such fun.. I wish we could afford to do things like that with the kids

Rachel said...

That's really cool. Hopefully I can do something like that with my two kids some day.

Unknown said...

That sounds like so much fun! Super excited for you! What a great idea!

Shell said...

oh, this will be so much fun!

Mimi N said...

You're heading to my home state of Washington! I'm so jealous you're heading west. Where are you planning on visiting? You have GOT to take a ferry ride and go to the peninsula for a short ride in the Olympic Rain Forest. Obviously Pike Place Market is a must. There's always Nintendo and Microsoft in Redmond (where I grew up). Oh, and if you get a chance to go to Leavenworth up in the Cascades, it's a really cute town. Has a German town theme. Then on your way there I'd suggest stopping at Snoqualmie Falls. Man, there's so much to see there. Have I mentioned I'm jealous?


Unknown said...

I am officially jealous! Would it be okay for me to tag along ;)


Anti-Supermom said...

I'm with Mimi, Pikes Market, Olympic... there are some fabulous parks there. And a hot spring swim, of course.

You'll love it, and I'm pretty sure you'll still love your kids by the end :)

Right?, lol.

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