Sunday, October 31, 2010

Future Ex-Husbands - Happy Halloween Vampire Edition

Happy Halloween!
Welcome my friend, Steph, from The Blue Zoo!
Check out her FEX choices below!


Have you seen True Blood? Since I don't have HBO I almost missed this show altogether. Thank you Netflix!
Really, out of ALL the hotties on this show there's only ONE I would want as a Future Ex... (Not that I would let him become an ex! I would keep him forever.) And that is Eric. Oh baby, he is a hottie! He's a vampire and a bad boy... *drool*
Since I'm claiming Eric for myself, I'm giving you pics of all the other drool worthy guys from True Blood. Fight amongst yourselves ladies...

Eggs (Dumbest name for a hottie EVER.)


Thanks to Google for the pics!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me do Fex! I had sweet dreams of Eric last night... lol

Mimi N said...

All I could do when I saw Steph's non Future Ex was raise my eyebrows and stare. Wow, God is good. Still trying to figure out Bill and Sam. Is Bill a cartoon character? And how does Sam fit in the show with his 70's Colorado mountain guy look? Not that he's not John Denver good looking, just wondering. Pretty sure I'll have nice dreams tonight as well. Sigh...

Liz Mays said...

What's up with Sam? His abs are not killer, are they? He's afraid to show them.

Erin said...

Love them all....but I'm still stuck on Edward!

Unknown said...

You know we only choose the men with curls, so I guess Jason is as close to curly as we're going to get with these vampires! Hope you had a happy Halloween!
-Deb for Ouidad

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