Sunday, August 8, 2010

Future Ex-Husbands - Yummy McKenzie

I was browsing the internets this weekend and came across this blast from the not-so-distant past. 

Remember Benjamin McKenzie?
I'm not entirely sure what he's doing these days, but I wouldn't complain about a chance to set eyes on him weekly.

Happy Sunday!

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adrienzgirl said...

It's too bad Southland wasn't a better show. He was nice to look at!

Anonymous said...

I remember him! Im surprised that he isnt doing movies or something.

Nancy C said...

Wait...who is this slice of yum? I've never seen him before!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy we can see this gorgeous guy again on our TV screen. @adreinzgirl, you don't like Southland? The show has been praised by media all over the world and I love it! Please give it a try again, you'd like it next time!

Unknown said...

Isn't Southland now on TNT? At least it was on a few months ago. He is cute!

Michelle Pixie said...

Oh Yum! I wonder what he is doing? I would love to watch!

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