Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super Future Ex-Husbands

These yummy treats have or will soon grace the silver screen as super yummy advocates of justice.  (Almost makes you wanna be a bad girl…)

hugh-jackman Hugh Jackman as…
Chris Evans as…
The Human Torch
RDJ as…
Iron Man
the object of my affection,
the most beautiful man in Hollywood (in my humble opinion) ~
Ryan Reynolds as…
The Green Lantern.
Here’s the greatest female super hero ever, guys!  An old school Throwing Mike a Bone link.

All images found via Google Images


adrienzgirl said...

I am such a BAD GIRL! Come and get me boys!

Felicia said...

oh yum...Hugh Jackman just makes me weak in the knees.

Anonymous said...

So just how BAD do you think a girl would have to be to get them to all come and get me at once?? Like how many banks would I need to rob?

Love that you put in RDJ! mmmm-mmmmm

Mike said...

Lynda Carter always a favorite. As it stands now no more Human Torch, but Evans is the new Captain America.

Andrea said...

I am sitting here at the laptop as hubby watches Wolverine RIGHT NOW! Ahhh, yum.

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern? Interesting. I love him, or I used to, I preferred him w. Alannis, but I guess Scarlett got lucky. Boo. :)

Danielle said...

Yeah baby! Chris Evans! Me like!

Nancy C said...

LOVE RDJ. Swoon-worthy.

Ducky said...

You'd look SO good with really would. Beautiful babies.....or just beautiful whoopie without the whole baby thing....up to you :O)

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