Sunday, June 6, 2010

Future Ex-Husbands ~ Old School


I was watching Operation Petticoat with my daughter on Memorial Day.  It is such a great movie and it reminded me of when I was my daughter’s age and would go visit my grandpa and grandma in Indiana.  My grandpa had an amazing movie collection.  It was during those times with him, I developed my love for old films.

In addition to loving the films, I also learned to love the leading men of the era.  Today’s FEX is a tribute to a few of the yummiest actors from the 1950’s. james-dean-1

James Dean only made 3 movies.  It is astounding the impact this man had on the movie industry with so few feature films under his belt.


He was also a predominant feature on my walls for a very long time.


Cary Grant ALWAYS reminds me of my grandpa.  His films were our favorite to watch together.  From Operation Petticoat and Father Goose in my youth, to North By Northwest and Indiscreet in my teen years, we always found a Cary Grant film to enjoy together.



Tony Curtis was another 1950’s hottie.  It seems he always played the playboy in his films.  My favorite was Some Like It Hot with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe.


I’m not entirely sure this woman’s era, but click here for the Throwing Mike a Bone feature – Rita Hayworth,


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Mike said...

Very cool. That was a pleasant surprise of a different picture of her.

Anonymous said...

That James Dean sure was a hottie!

Unknown said...

Great leading men! And all three of them had the BEST hair! Thanks for sharing the photos!
-Deb for Ouidad

Andrea said...

Ah, I saw this on my phone recently and didn't get to comment. Love the men of yesteryear!

Ducky said...

Jimmy Dean just had the most awesome hair and he sure has something about him that just draws me in. LOL...its probably the drama and the emotional issues. HA!

And Mr. Grant....ahhhh....Mr. Grant.....

Fantastic pics this week my friend, as always!

Kate said...

I loved reading this one. Grandpa and I always watched Indiana Jones. Over and over and over and over. The trilogy was the only thing I wanted the day he died. Temple of Doom was on Encore last night and I watched it with the same excitement I had as a kid. I don't remember, but was Harrison Ford on your Silver Foxes post? Cus if not, I'm thinkin' he shoulda been. And really, he's old enough to be on the hotties of yesteryear as well!
Love you and miss your face!

Ed said...

FYI-I live about 2 miles from where Jimmy Dean was born and raised. His family members still live in the area and own the farmer where he grew up. The school he attended is still here. He is buried in the cemetary. And every year, around the end of September they have the James Dean Festival & Ducktail Run, which is one of that largest tribute festivals to him anywhere including a carshow that draws people from around the country. Last year, there were about 25,000 cars and a quarter million people that came. That's alot, since there probably isn't 50,000 in the whole county.

Kate said...

Ed, Is it really a 3 day run? I would be interested in signing the Kawasaki up for that one. Does it benefit anything specifically?

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