Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Letter to JD and His Daddy

Dear JD and Dad,

You don't know me.  We have never met.  We probably never will. 

I am an only parent.  I am mom to The Boy and The Girl.  They lost their daddy nearly 10 years ago.  Neither of them have any memories of their dad, and pictures of them together are few.  They only know the memories that I share.

JD, I know it is hard at your age to understand where your mommy went.  I'm sure you don't really get why she can't come back.  It is important for you to know that even though she isn't dressing you in the morning, giving you kisses throughout the day, and tucking you in at night, she is only a conversation away.  Mommies never really leave their babies.  Even though you can't see her or hear her, she will always be right by your side.

As you grow, your daddy will have tons of stories for you about your mama.  (Dad, write things down as you remember.  I find even the littlest things are important to my kids.)  Your aunties and grandparents will have a lot to share, too. 

As you grow up, it will be easy to get angry.  I'm sure you will wonder why God had to take your mama.  If you're anything like my son, you may even find a time when you doubt God is really there.  He is.  He took your mama because He loves her, and He loves you.  While I will never understand the things He does, I know that he has carried me a long way over the years and is always taking care.

Dad, I know it seems scary, raising JD without your bride.  It is a lot of work, I'm not going to lie.  My heart often breaks for my fatherless children.  I get sad that they have never known a father's love.  All I can say is keep Wendy's spirit alive through JD.  By sharing with him the love you and Wendy shared, she will always be a part of both of you.

I know the money we are raising for JD's Scholarship Fund is no replacement for your wife.  I just really hope that you can feel the love of all of these strangers, lifting you and your little man up.  The road ahead of you is a bumpy one and I promise, it is filled with tears.  Just know that you are not alone in spirit.  I wish you the peace you need to make it through each day.

That One Mom


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Thank you for making a difference in this little boy's future.


Babes Mami said...

Touching and thoughtful!

Tamara Dawn said...

Wow....I can't find the words but know this...

I am running out of Kleenex, dammit!

My heart is so heavy for the little guy and his Daddy today.

Andrea said...

Oh. I'm sitting here in silence. Beautiful words. So beautiful.

Just A Normal Mom said...

Bawling. And applauding you for your heartfelt words.

Unknown said...

I'm in tears, too. What a lovely post for J.D. and his daddy. My heart hurts for you all and for anyone who's had to go through this....

MommyLovesStilettos said...

I cried!

What an amazing letter you have written. WOW!


litanyofbritt said...

HUGS! Very sweet post.

June said...

Oh K..... you said it so well.
*tears, once again*

Love you.

adrienzgirl said...

You are an amazing woman.

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