Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Choo Want? I Know What I Want!


Just in case you've been hiding under a rock somewhere at the bottom of the big, blue sea (a la Patrick Star), imma let you in on a little secret.  Duck Fest starts tomorrow!  I hope you've been hopping around and checking out all of the great giveaways!  I know that I have been making my own list of things I must have as I get everyone set up!

One thing that has really caught my eye is the Get Your Green On Gift Pack donated by Erin at The Motherload and hosted by Stephanie at The Blue Zoo.

Another neat item I'm hoping to snatch up is the Digital and Paper Scrapbook Kit from Jessica at Life With Coco and Hopo.  I'm not much of a scrapbook person, but if I can do it digitally!!!  Woah Nelly!

There are so many other cool things and each entry for any of the giveaways is ONLY $1!  Every dollar donated goes directly to the JD Scholarship Fund!  Just click the donate button below or on any of the giveaways, enter the amount you'd like to give into PayPal, leave identifying information in the comments (i.e. email address or blog URL), and start commenting!  It is very important that you leave one comment for each entry!

Be sure to check out all of the other great giveaways, too!!!


Nancy C said...

I have a book to donate if it's not too late. How do I link up?

Anonymous said...

You have some great prizes! What a neat contest and for a great cause too.

Anonymous said...

Whooo hoo!! Awesome!! I'll get the tutu one written up this evening. I'll need the linky code too. Cause apparently I dont have it?

Jane said...

TOTALLY want the tranny lego!!!!

Lee said...

I just wanted to give...don't want anything in return!

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