Friday, May 7, 2010

Still On the Reform Wagon

I got a text message yesterday from BFF.  She wanted to know if I had given up on getting back on track after only two days.  Can you believe that?!?!  Hahaha, I can .  She's known me entirely too long and knows that I sometimes don't stick to my plans, even the best laid out plans....

BUT...  I haven't quit already.  I have actually been afflicted by The Sickness.  I have had a fabulous headache for over two weeks.  It's been fun.  I spent 90% of my Cinco de Mayo fiesta weekend sleeping in an RV while my friends whooped it up.  I went to the ER on Monday night where I received some sort of IV cocktail that made me all woozy and funny feeling.  Tuesday morning, my headache was still there to greet me upon waking.  I went to the doctor on Wednesday and received a prescription for an alleged headache buster.  I have taken 2 so far, and my dull ache is fading, but still there. 

Needless to say, I have been sleeping A LOT and having been doing so well with the whole "Get dressed to the shoes" thing.  My sink, however, is still reletively shiny.  The monsters have been doing a decent job of putting their dishes into the dishwasher.  I have also made it The Boy's responsibility to unload it daily.

On the fitness side, I have yet to hit the gym.  My ability to get in a thorough work out is directly related to the pounding in my head.  Once I've got this brain pain under control, I will be hitting the gym as planned.  In the meantime, I have been paying close attention to what I eat.  My morning meal has consisted of my FAVORITE yogurt, Stoneyfield Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt, mixed with granola or Fiber One, and a banana.  Yum! 

Due to The Sickness, I have been sleeping right through lunchtime, but I have been doing some healthy snacking.  I bought some dry roasted, unsalted pumpkin seeds and some unsalted cashews from Trader Joe's.  I am also crazy for apples and peanut butter!

Keep tuned into my Blog Frog Community for updates and progress reports!  And feel free to join in on the discussion, sharing tips and trick you use to keep yourself in order! 


BigSis said...

Your talk of shinny sinks and yogurt with granola are inspiration for me to get back on my plan that derailed back in February... I hope you get the headaches under control soon. They are the worst.

adrienzgirl said... are still going to contribute to LIB so you better get it together Momma!

Holy Hannah said...

You go woman!! I know that the Sickness sucks, I am right there with ya in getting back on track with life. I kinda feel like life is kicking the crap outta me right now too. See ya tomorrow ~ Steph

June said...

Sorry that you are still dealing with the headache.
The yogurt sounds really good! I had some awesome yogurt when we were in Mexico that sounds like your little mix. Putting it on the shopping list for sure!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I got the work out part down it's just the not eating everything in sight ... lol ;)

The yogurt mix sounds really good!

Danielle said...

That little concoction you have there looks delish! I may have to try that.

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