Sunday, May 9, 2010

Future Ex-Husbands of My Youth: Then and Now


The Girl is OBSESSED with Justin Bieber.  It annoys The Boy and The Man to no end.  I find it humorous.  It takes me back to the days my walls were plastered with the hot stars of my time. 

I’ve told you of my love for River Phoenix and Robert Downey, Jr. We’ve made tribute to Patrick Swayze and shed tears over Corey Haim.  Today we’re gonna take a look at some then and now of some hotties that haven’t lost their appeal!


Kirk Cameron… Aaaah…  This boy covered my wall for YEARS!  I used to lay in bed plotting how I could become friends with his sister (Candace Cameron of Full House fame) and win him over.


Here he is, all these years later, still hot as can be!  Even in his uber-Christian film world (not that there is anything wrong with loving Jesus, I TOTALLY love Jesus!), he makes my heart go pitter-pat.  Who’d have thunk that he and Chelsea Noble would really make it work?



Speaking of Full House, how could you not drool over the guy that gave the name Uncle Jesse a whole new meaning?!?!  I remember him as Blackie on General Hospital when I was pretty small.  I can imagine if I had a friend with a HAWT uncle like him living with her, I could have gotten into a lot of trouble.


And honestly, talk about getting better with age!



People think Bieber Fever is out of control?  Holy Hannah, being a New Kids on the Block fan was INTENSE!  I remember cat fights breaking out in the cafeteria if someone treaded on our claim to “Our New Kid”.  Mine was Jordan Knight.


And DAY-UM, he’s still hot as hell!



Last, but not least is the infamous Jon Bon…  My first concert ever was the Slippery When Wet tour.  I was in the 3rd grade.  I was in lurve.


20+ years later, that man still makes me drool.  Most of all, I love that he is still with his sweetheart, Dorthea.  And I love that he is a family man.  Who knew that one day I would find those the sexiest qualities in a man.


And, boys…  Remember this little girl?


She sure turned out to be quite the hotty…


(Didn’t really feel like making you work for it this week, guys!)


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mommy friends out in the Blogosphere!

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Anonymous said...

It's it that these men have gotten better with age, or just that our tastes have matured? I mean, JBJ was hot back in the day - but I WAY prefer him now. Yum!!

Andrea said...


John Stamos (Blackie) was my first love. Whew. Love love love him. He's even hotter than ever these days. Whew.

Happy Mom's Day, Mama! :)

Mike said...

Happy Mother's Day.

Senorita said...

Happy Mother's Day !

I will never understand why on earth people like Justin Bieber.

But I was once a New Kids on The Block fan.

Holy Hannah said...

I love your picks on the men here except for Jon Bon Jovi....I just can't do it. Not sure why. You did forget one important one though, Ricky Schroder. yum yum ~Steph

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, I drooled over all those hotties! My walls were plastered with magazine pics.

Alicia said...

WHAT?! KIRK AND CANDACE ARE SIBLINGS??!! dude. why am i now just hearing about this?!?!?! i'm going to need a moment to process this. but...i just have to say...his suspenders are FRESH!

June said...

Cayla totally had a crush on Uncle Jesse! She would scream home everyday after school just to watch that show.

I always liked Kirk Cameron.

Busted Kate said...

All excellent choices! John Stamos looks better now than ever. I was absolutely in love with River Phoenix, and wore a black arm band when he died.

Rita Templeton said...

Mmmmm, Uncle Jesse ... and River Phoenix! I was so in love with him! Too bad his brother Joaquin isn't half as sexy. :(

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