Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank You for Making My Day Special

It's Tuesday and you know what that means!!!  It's time to say
Thank You
to all of the amazing people who went above and beyond to make your day special!

So join Think Tank Momma in Thank You Note Tuesday!

Think Tank Momma

My Precious Blackberry Storm,
I know you know how I love you.  Truly, I'm not sure I could live a day without you.  I want to thank you for the serious thorn in my side you've given me repeatedly over the last 2 weeks.  What an amazing gift!  I have been over-joyed with your constant crashing!  Honestly, completely crapping out on me to the point that Verizon totally replaced you was the greatest!  I was so happy to have ZERO bbm capabilities!  And having my text messaging go out after spending 6 hours getting bbm functioning really made my day.  Although I have yet to find a theme I like (as the one I had went with my old Storm) and you are still crashing at will, I am so grateful for you.
Fed Up With Your Crap and Would Replace You With a Google Phone If I Didn't Need My Bishes

Dear Helpful Hotel Clerk,
Thank you so much for all of your help with The Godmother's 50th.  I appreciate all of the ways you went out of your way to complicate our stay at your hotel.  It was so amazing getting to work my little sister down from the brink of an anxiety attack when you changed our party location a half an hour before guests were set to arrive.  I am also very grateful for your assistance in not redirecting our guests as they went to the original room indicated on their invitation, I mean really, the element of surprise at a surprise party is over-rated.  We didn't really hope to have all the guests in the room at a specific time.  And stragglers roaming the hallways searching for the right room were sure to not give us away!  I'll be sure to put in a good word if anyone I know is looking for a place!
Yours Truly,
Aggravated as Hell

Dear Scale,
3 pounds in 4 weeks?!?!?!  For realz?!?!?  Thanks.
Need I Say More?
That One Unhappy Mom


Unknown said...

Oh girl I would have been demanding a HUGE discount on that hotel party period. That was BS.

adrienzgirl said...


So the hotel wasn't what dreams are made of huh?
You better not replace your crackberry. I would be sad and miss you terribly!

Thanks for playing! Love ya!


MY scale is such a rat bastard that i threw him in a snow drift WEEKS ago. he has not been seen since. but that's prob b/c he was white too. and obviously, a man.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I would seriously send that letter to the hotel. Seriously.

Ducky said...

wait...you lost me at replacing the crackberry with a goog...I don't even think I can finish that sentence....


Cat said...

I would go up the chain on the hotel thing. That's unacceptable.

3lbs in 4 weeks is better than nothing, but I can understand that it's frustrating. The other day I woke up after eating almost nothing the day before and I was UP a pound, and I swear I almost threw the scale through a mirror.

Tracie said...

See I've been trying to convince Hubs to take my smart phone (HTC Hero) so I can get a crackberry and hang with the cool kids.

Anonymous said...

Im hearin ya on the BB crap! I am seriously thinking about switching to Droid!

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