Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Post-It Note Tuesday ~ Rant

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Ducky said...

Teenagers are vile creatures. If they are whining their angst I do believe you are doing something right :) stick to your guns, momma.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO for holding out on cell phone and facebook! I think it's awesome. Somehow our generation survived without these distractions. It will make them enjoy their childhood. Hold out as long as possible! :)

Andrea said...

I agree with Patty and Ducky, good for you, girl! They don't need it!!!! Not yet. It's ridiculous how many kids so young have cells. I'm in awe and can imagine, as my 5yo has said - when do I get MY OWN phone? GAH!!!

Unknown said...

Tell your teen that guess what I still have a land line, and my youngest still doesn't have a cell phone and he will be 13 next month.

Mimi N said...

We still have a land line. My oldest son, 13 just got a phone last month because of an incident that happened in August, but guess what? He's paying for it! No Facebook account for him yet, either!

Babes Mami said...

two of my SIL's have facebook accounts for their children, all under 10. Drives me crazy!

Mrs. Match said...

oh man, I'm totally going to be like you as a parent. I don't want my kid getting a phone til they can afford a part time job to help pay for it. The only exception I may have is a go phone or one that only calls certain numbers for emergencies. I didn't get a cell til I was 18, and I survived! ;-)
And ditto for the facebook, keep her safe and there is NOTHING wrong with her not having an account til she's older. Good job mama!

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