Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Tale of Three Christmas Lists

Over the weekend The Man and I asked our children for their Christmas Wish Lists. (He has a son 10 days older than The Boy.) While I know kids are often unreasonable, this year's lists weren't as bad as I thought they would be. More than anything, I am surprised at how different the lists of three kids so close in age are.

Here are their lists, along with the likelihood of all of their Christmas dreams coming true...

 The Boy's Christmas Wish List
bike ~sounds good
XBox (new kind) ~um, just got you your XBox LAST Christmas
new bed ~soon, hold your horses, kid
room painted ~again, soon!
iPod songs ~no problem!
more privileges - stay up later ~ SURE! As soon as you can get up with an alarm clock!
Assassins Creed Brotherhood pick
HALO Reach one
COD Black Ops video
Fable 3 game
more freedom of speech - allowed to says words such as "damn" ~ FAT FRICKING CHANCE!
Armani suit (optional) ~BWAHAHAHAHAHA
1600 Microsoft points ~maybe? what are they used for?

The Girl's Christmas Wish List
a new cell phone, iPhone, or touch screen ~I'm pretty sure you lost your cell phone privileges indefinitely due to BAD texting choices.
more clothes from Justice and new clothes from Pac Sun, Elmo T's, Hello Kitty T's, more super skinny jeans, anything I like ~that's pretty broad, how 'bout a gift card and we call it good?
laptop or iPad ~PSHAW!
a football ~um? ok? a football it is...
big sweatshirts like the ones I take from The Boy ~QUIT TAKING YOUR BROTHER'S STUFF!!! GEEZ!
more Osiris high tops ~like plural? you want more than one more pair? do I look like Mommy Warbucks?
3 duck bill DC hats ~I am so not supporting that fashion statement
hair clips ~sounds good! now quit taking mine!
long boy shorts ~just the other day you asked me for booty shorts! make up your darn mind! (if I tell you I prefer the booty shorts will you say long shorts? *fingers crossed*)
new bed covers just 4 me ~I found some cute Bobby Jack ones on CSN!
a scrapbooking kit 4 me and u ~I'm not so much into scrapbooking, how about that one is just for you?
new pillows 4 me and me only ~define pillow. do you mean pillow pillows or pillow pets?
more Patriots jerseys ~I am happy to oblige anyone's Patriots habit!
2 be able 2 watch Jersey Shore ~NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!

The Man's Boy's Christmas Wish List
Lego Winter Toy Shop ~12 year-olds are still into Legos?
Lego Winter Village Bakery ~it would appear so...
iPod Touch ~because the Nano your dad bought you last Christmas just isn't good enough...
Hexbug nano set ~HEY! these are cool! thanks for the idea for my nephews!
Nerf Spectre REV ~sure! I'd love to send big 'ol Nerf guns back to your mom's with you!
Nerf Barrel Break ~woah, that's a big gun... maybe we should ship it directly to CO
Nerf Stampede ~another one? who do you wanna off, kiddo?
Lego Claw Catcher ~more Legos? ok?


Brie said...

Definitely go with Black Ops for the boy! Hubby and I are ADDICTS. And ahh, do NOT let her watch the Jersey Shore. #hatehatehateit It'll rot her brain out!

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

My boys started their Christmas lists. So far it is FILLED with lego sets. Which wouldn't be all bad.....except for the eleventy billion legos strewn about the floor at any given time already! One of the requested sets is the Death $399.99. NOT!! Apparently you can't have too many nerf guns. My boys always get excited when someone gets them a new one. And my kids want an iPod touch too....after they just got Nano's last Christmas too! Lord help us all....

Renegades said...

Jersey Shore should barely be allowed for people over 30.

Shell said...

LOL @ and stuff I like. A bit broad.

My problem is that my 4 and 5 year old want a lot of the same things. So, deciding who gets what is hard. Even though they will end up sharing, it makes a difference about who gets to open what.

Babes Mami said...

I'm scared for the day mine can make his own. Right now he's got a play kitchen, Rex doll, a musical jungle, some jammies and I don't know what else.

Liz said...

I'm totally intrigued that The Boy asked for privileges! I have never know a child to ask for those types of things before. And to be able to swear, too! ha!

Diane said...

Whoa. Quite some lists there! My two made theirs the other night and mostly all they had on there was novelty junk prankster items. I expect the lists to be expanded upon before Christmas though.

And I never thought I'd see hair clips and football on the same Christmas list. ;)

Ducky said...

Armani? Wowzas! Look like great lists!! I haven't even made mine...I don't think I get one this year. Heck though, I haven't gotten to turn in a list in MANY years.

I'm hoping my momma will buy me a set of pj's like she does every year. And of course I can't make any decisions on Little Duck's list. But I better narrow it down

Unknown said...

I definitely want to be able to swear for Christmas! (without getting a look from the hubs..) Good choices!

adrienzgirl said...

Legos are awesome! aaaaannnnd so are the NERF guns. We have lots of both here with three boys. Well, scratch that, Koop and Michael like them.

I haven't asked for Christmas lists yet. I'm kind of scared. You know, on account that I have no "accounts" anywhere with credit. And my account laughs at me when I check to see if there is anything in it.

Unknown said...

Those are some nice Christmas lists. lol. Some of that sounds like what I want, and Jersey Shore is sooo dumb!! lol

Pretty sure Mine is gonna be Giftcards, Gas Cards, Electronics and NO new tires, no new axles and no snow shovel for my car. Those are not Christmas presents. (Those were dad's idea at Sears today while we were waiting for them to finish with his truck) lol

Queenie Jeannie said...

I loved all your comments on the list items!! Totally cracked me up!

Ange said...

My middle sons list made me cry- he asked to be able to meet his dad....

Knowly said...

I really enjoy your blog. For the first time ever my daughter who is 8 made me a list. Hmmmm. I read your blog often. I'm giving you an award. Head over to my blog to pick it up.

Mike said...

Yeah, but the important list is what you want for Christmas.

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