Sunday, September 5, 2010

Future Ex-Husbands ala Mojo Mama

I won't lie. Before I even asked That One Mom if I could write up a FEX post, I had already figured out what sexy men I'd put on there, and even found the pictures that I wanted to use! (Mojo Mama is no stranger to oggling eye candy on the web or tv.)

I don't know, there's just something sexy about a handsome man with that kind of confidence, weilding a weapon like it's an extension of his own self. At least with these men anyway!

I welcome you to this week's FEX post: Armed and Dangerous Edition!

Our first fine specimin is the subject of many of my personal fantasies, and one of the biggest reasons that I watch Chuck, Firefly, Serenity, and Full Metal Jacket. (You can even find him in an episode or two of Stargate: SG-1.) Adam Baldwin! (NOT one of the Baldwin brothers!) I have yet to see a part where this man isn't handling a weapon of some kind. (I wouldn't mind having him handling me like that!)

Oh purr...

Next we have Jeffrey Dean Morgan: sexy and rugged, that I sometimes picture sharing a cabin with me, going outside, chopping some wood for our fireplace, and then coming inside, starting that fire, and ravishing me on the rug in front of it! (Sure, it's not that original, but it's a pretty awesome fantasy if you ask me!) We've seen him in Supernatural and The Watchmen handling some serious firepower there. We've also seen him on Grey's Anatomy, The Accidental Husband, and more as well! He does armed and dangerous, and sweet and romantic! The perfect man!

Mrowr! *lick!*

And finally, we have Chris Gorham, who, until recently, never played an armed character, always played the nice guy with the cute smile and the sweet disposition. But this summer, he took on a role in USA's Covert Affairs, working in the CIA, former military. Sure, maybe he's not quite like the others (anybody else just think a little Sesame Street there?), but I'm throwing him in here because I'm rather fond of his character Auggie, and the great fight sequence he had last week on the show, despite the fact that his character is blind!

Are there any men out there that weild their weapons in such a way that makes you swoon?


Mimi N said...

I'll take James McAvoy in "Wanted". ACK! shows theres a Wanted 2 in pre production! The clouds just parted!


Anonymous said...


A little sexy man with my coffee is a great way to start the day! =)

KristinFilut said...

I dig that Jeffery Dean Morgan in P.S. I Love You.

adrienzgirl said...

These are some lovely choices for sure!

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