Sunday, May 30, 2010

Future Ex-Husbands – Fave Cousin’s Pick


So, Fave Cousin has taken to reading my blog.  She is one of the very few family members I have even told about my little slice of heaven.  I am so glad she takes the time out of her busy day to read!  Most weeks, after an FEX post I receive a text asking me when will Mike Rowe grace the pages of Only Parent Chronicles…  Well, Fave Cousin, today is the day.  You’re welcome and I love you!




Really, who doesn’t love a man that can do just about any job and still clean up well in a suit and tie.  Cuz, this one’s for you!  I love you and I miss you like crazy.  Kiss your kiddos and tell your husband I miss his goofy ass, too!  Mwah!


Tracie said...

I lurve that man.

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Andrea said...

Oh, man, oh man. :) I dedicated an entire post to him one time. Can we send FaveCousin the link? ;)

You know a man is hot when he gets down and dirty like that and STILL looks hot. Whew.

Holy Hannah said...

Mike Rowe is HOTTTTT. Love me some dirty men. ~ Steph

Mike said...

You have an award on my blog.

Tamara Dawn said...

I lurve me some Mike Rowe! He's FORD tough. Insert your own acronym for FORD tee hee

Anonymous said...

My kids love his show! I think he's sexy cause of his sense of humor. He cracks me up!

Mariah said...

He is hot!! seems we all have good taste/!!

Kate said...

The only man that could sell me a Ford. I love watching Mike get dirty... ahhhh...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Ducky said...

*sigh* there is something about that man and watching him get dirty. You know...I think its as much his sense of humor on screen as it is his smile. I'm a sucker for a great sense of humor!

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