Friday, April 2, 2010

The Vacation Where Paul Walker Plays the Part of Cabana Boy

Well kids, today I would like to introduce you to Andrea at Good Girl Gone Redneck, a New Yorker transplanted to North Carolina.  Check her out here, then head on over and say hi!

So, here I am -- a guest poster for That One Mom! I hope I live up to the quality of posts she offers up to you, her loyal followers. I've been so slack and nervous that it's taken me way too long to complete a post and send it to her. So long, in fact, that I forgot what I was supposed to write about (just kidding ... it's me, right? I get to write about me?)

Ah, yes, travel. You know, when you go from one place (usually your home base) to another (usually somewhere that is supposed to be fun, but getting there is such a pain in the butt that you've started to wish you were just staying home before you've even pulled out of the driveway!) for some "time away." That's what travel used to be, right? Time away?

Well, welcome to Mommyhood. Yes, yes, my daughter is three and I should know by now what traveling is like with her. But you know what? It changes EVERY SINGLE time!!! I mean, seriously. It's not like we go anywhere besides NY and ME, which is where our respective families are located. But with a 3-year-old a trip to the zoo is like a tremendous journey, isn't it? I mean, seriously. The amount of cr@p you have to pack before leaving the house is ridiculous. From Pull-ups, to an extra outfit or two, to wipes, a changing pad (we're not potty trained yet, can you tell?) and hand sanitizer, you'd think we were traveling out of the country!

I started off trying to write a post where I made mention of how much I love to travel, how beaches are beautiful and snowy weather is just breathtaking and how I wish we were doing a lot more of it. And then I thought to myself, woman, who are you kidding?

The last TRUE tropical vacation you had you looked something like this:

And you were so relaxed, totally enjoying the sun and the water, the weather and the people. There were no diapers, no wipes, no extra bags, nothing to carry but your ID to ensure that you got served ... fun, fresh and fruity drinks, that is. And honestly, on the resort I barely recall having to carry that with me, either! So while I wouldn't change being a mom for anything in the world, I'd sure love a minute or two back in the days when I was young, carefree and -- well -- just a little more fun! Imagine a swim-up bar with a three-year-old in tow? I mean, I suppose it could happen, but I'd be terrified of so many things!

The last mommy/family vacation you had you looked something like this:

Oh, wait, that's not you. That's right. That's your three-year-old on a sled in the snowy backyard of your in-laws who live in Maine. And why isn't it your picture? Did you not sled like everyone else? Oh, sure, you did. But nobody took your picture! Because it's all about the kids. And while that's well and good, I know that tonight I'll be dreaming about being somewhere nice and warm, sun shining, me laying there with bug eye covers on, and a cabana boy who looks something like Paul Walker.

Or maybe actually IS Paul Walker.

Because, woman, THAT is where it's at.

If you enjoyed this at all, or if you want to come by and say hi, please feel free to do so. I'm over at Good Girl Gone Redneck. And I promise, I don't bite!


Unknown said...

I love Andrea! Awesome post, girl! Love your cabana boy, too...MmmMmmmM!!!

Robin said...

Hi There.....Woo Hoo great post deserve another vacation..and me too..!

Kat said...

Great post! Cabana boys rock!!

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