Monday, November 23, 2009


I mentioned the other day that my home is currently a plumbing nightmare.  Ugh.  It's times like these I wish I had a husband...  Ok, not really.  Maybe just a useful man in my life to do these "man job" kinda things.

 My garbage disposal is  broken.  Despite having told this to my rotten, ungrateful, messy wonderful children, that drain has ended up a smelly, clogged breeding ground for fruit flies.  Gross doesn't even begin to cover it...  It is even more fantastic when I run the dishwasher.   So, 1 drain auger and a bottle of bleach later, I have purchased a new garbage disposal. 

I'm a do-it-myself kinda girl.  Most days.  I was all motivated this morning to read the instructions for garbage disposal replacement and get this problem fixed. 

This is a basic diagram of a garbage disposal set up.  Doesn't look too complicated, right?  Well, let me tell you a thing or two about garbage disposals.  A.) There are a lot of freaking pieces.  2.) This isn't just a 10 minute job.  Grrr....

Something tells me this won't be getting done today.

Did I also mention that my toilet in the master bathroom isn't draining?  It's amazing.  Even better, NO ONE knows why!!  Really!  So on Friday, I sat on my knees, if front of the toilet, feeding a 10' drain snake down the hole.  Guess what I found.  You'll never guess... 


Yeah, there are Q-Tips stuck in my toilet drain.  The best part is, according to The Girl, the cat must've done it.  Yes.  The cat.  I can see it now.  She was pissed that the kids didn't do their chores (shocking) and her litter box was smelly, so she opened the linen closet, got the Q-Tip box, and systematically threw an entire box of Q-Tips into the toilet one Q-Tip at a time...  And then, SHE FLUSHED IT!!!  ALL BY HERSELF!

The drain snake didn't quite do the trick, so now I have to go back to the hardware store, buy a wax ring, remove the toilet, and clean the drain that way.  Don't be jealous.  I know it's glamorous.


Tami G said...

THAT is sooooo absolutely gross!
My bathtub is SOOO stopped up right now (and we only have one bathroom) that when I take a shower, the water is mid-calf on me before I get out...gotta LOVE THAT!!!!!! =)

could you come fix my tub after you finish your disposal and toilet? LOL

Tami G

Liz Mays said...

I am completely blown away by the fact you did all of that. It's amazing!

adrienzgirl said...

You must have the coolest, smartest, most BITCHIN' cat EVAH!

Mike said...

When you finish with yours and you don't want all that knowledge to go to waste you can come fix ours.

June said...

What an absolute drag to have to deal with plumbing. I could send our handy man your way... He works really well in the mornings and can fix just about anything at a great price. You just can't talk to him in the afternoon because is such a bad drunk that it only takes a couple drinks and he is right where he left off the night before. Slurred words and all. We never answer the phone if he calls after 3pm.

dadshouse said...

that's some cat!

Nishant said...

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It's amazing. Even better,

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