Monday, September 28, 2009

Need to Get My Butt Moving

Today finds me in a funk.

Sunday was a difficult day.  I had been out with the girls until late.  We had a fabulous time dancing!  Our volunteer (badgered into submission by his loving girlfriend) DD dropped Miss Lucinda and me off at my house around 3 a.m.

I'm sure a normal person would have just gone to bed.  However, Miss Lucinda and I haven't seen each other in over a month.  Which is FOREVER in our worlds.  So we had some catching up to do.  In the midst of catching up, my text message start going off.  At 3:06, I get a message that says, "What are you doing?"  It's a local number that I don't have assigned to a contact.  I didn't give my number out at all, so it must be someone I know...

"Who's this?"  is all I reply.

"Mr. Fun-and-games, again."  Ahhh, Mr. Fun-and-games....  I deleted all of his contact info out of my phone months ago, when I finally decided after years and years of his nonsense, that I couldn't deal with him any more.  This was the 2nd time this week he'd contacted me.  I didn't save his info then.  I'm not going to now.

If he is anything, he is consistent.  Mr. Fun-and-games wants to "hang out".  I have to get up at 6:00.  I told him, if he can deal with sweat pants and sleep, he's welcome to crash.  I would, however, be gone when he woke up.  Hahahaha....  From my own house...

So Sunday morning came too soon.  Mr. Fun-and-games parked behind me and I had to dig through all of his pockets to move his truck.  I had to go pick up The Girl from her friend's house and take her to church.  She was singing on the youth worship team and had to be there for all of the services.  I took a nap in the car during the second service.

I got a text from Miss Lucinda around 9:30 letting me know that Mr. Fun-and-games had just left and I would find her crashed in my bed when I got home.

After church, we picked up The Boy and came home to get Miss Lucinda and take her home.  My poor little head was THROBBING!  We were all starving, so we took Miss Lucinda home and went out to eat.  I was in bed by 3:00 p.m. for the longest nap ever.  When I woke at 6:30, I still had a killer headache.  The Girl was sound asleep in her room and The Boy was in his room watching a movie.  The house was silent.  It was amazing.  I fell back asleep until 9:00, watched The Break-up, and went back to sleep until 6:00 this morning.

As I sit here, it is almost 1:00 p.m.  The kids are at school.  I have a HUGE to-do list.  And I'm still in my jammies...

I need to light a fire under my ass and get my house cleaned.  Ugh....  Like I said, I'm in a funk.


Mike said...

Oh I have a few headings that I throw phone numbers that I never want to talk to again. It usually comes up crap on my ID so I get a laugh and peace.

You might want to put a match between your toes and light it. That'll get you moving.

Unknown said...

Awww.... FUNK's are the worst. I have been stuck in one for a while now too.... seriously, if you saw my house, you would call those two english ladies from TV!!! (well, maybe not that bad.)
But, I am definately not myself these days....
maybe it's something in the air, or the time of year... yeah, yeah.... let's go with that :)

((hugs)) to you... hope you're day gets better!


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