Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gratuitous Plea for Votes

As you may know, I will be tying the knot in October of 2012.

Weddings are insanely expensive, and as an only parent, coming up with extra money can often prove tricky.

In an effort to fund the wedding of my dreams, I have entered a contest to win $5000 to put towards my special day.

The winner is determined excusively by votes, so I am turning to you, my wonderful bloggy friends, to throw me a bone.

Please visit my entry to America's Top Bride and vote for me once a day from now until December 12. I cannot tell you how much $5000 would do for me and paying for my wedding!

Thank you in advance for all of your support!


Rachel said...

Done! Good luck!

Cari said...

Voted! Good luck!

Anti-Supermom said...

I didn't know you are getting married! So, so excited for you. Now, off to vote!

Kir said...

If anyone deserves a gorgeous wedding, a spectacular life it's YOu. I shall vote every single day!!!! Good luck sweetie. Xo

Mimi N said...

By clicking on that link does that count as our vote cuz I can't find a "vote" button anywhere. =)


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