Thursday, November 10, 2011


 Recently we received in the mail some great new products from the people at HEXBUG.  Last Christmas was the first time I had ever heard of these neat, robotic creatures.

Not sure if my kids would even like them, I started small by buying them the HEXBUG Nano glow in the dark set. They loved them, and they quickly became a hot item in our house.

When the people at HEXBUG announced they were introducing some new items this fall, we were excited. Although I had never seen anything other than the Nano at work, my son had tons of great stories of things he and his best friend could do with HEXBUGS. He was thrilled when a HEXBUG Crab and the brand new HEXBUG Larva showed up at our door.

The HEXBUG Crab - one of the first HEXBUGS available on the market - reacts to sound and light. It is funny watching this little creature scuttle to one side and quickly change directions when one of the kids claps near it. We have tile and wood floors in our house, as well as carpet in the bedrooms, and I found that this creature does best on the wood. Its thin little legs seem to get stuck in the carpeting, and the grout lines on the tile seem to throw it for a directional loop.
The Larva, HEXBUG's latest creation, has a sensor on the front that prevents it from running in to things. Needless to say, the quick movig creature is quite an attaction for my cats. It is constantly redirecting itself as it comes neat to feet, hands, tables, rugs, or wahtever happens to be blocking its path. It was definitely the favorite of the two creatures we received. I'm fairly confident that constant bickering will continue until another one finds its way into our home.

If you're not familiar with HEXBUG, I recommend checking out their website. In addition to these critters, they have Inchworms, Ants, and Spiders. HEXBUG also makes a bunch of cool tracks and accessories to use with your critters!


My Mercurial Nature said...

Those are bizarre! ...I might like them!

Rebecca said...

my son loves these

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