Monday, October 24, 2011

Friends You Love Blog Hop - Love is Friendship Set on Fire

Friends You Love

The Friends You Love Monday Blog Hop was created to encourage us to reach out into our blogging community and get to know someone a bit better.

I stumbled upon this week's guest on one of the many occasions she linked up for Pour Your Heart Out.

She makes me smile, fills me with encouragement, and regularly lends her ear.

I am so thrilled to introduce you to Kir.
I’m so happy to be here today, at Kristin’s place.

She’s become a trusted friend, a supportive shoulder for me and I appreciate that so much. I have all kinds of respect and admiration for her. She’s an amazing lady, but if you are here, you already know that.

When she asked me to guest post for her during Friends You Love, I was really honored.

Like, squealing and bouncing in my chair.

Plus, the more I thought about what to write about, her new relationship, amazing love story and her life in general kept coming back to me.

So thank you Kristin, for asking me to write this post and being the inspiration for these words.

Hi there, I’m Kir and I write at

All month long we’ve been talking about Friends You Love, and I’ve enjoyed reading all those stories, moments and memories of the girlfriends who save us every day with their support, their laughter, their loyalty. For many of us, myself included, who found her girlfriends later in life, those relationships are the glue that hold us together and make it easier to handle the hard stuff. I thank God for my girlfriends every day.

But in thinking about my relationships and the men that have come in and out of my life, I began to reminisce about the wonder of friendship that starts as the small root inside our love relationships. Those tiny instances where  while we are talking to someone, sharing our feeling and life stories with them that we look over and the air has changed, the mood has lightened, the earth has shifted.

Looking back, I can say that the love stories of my life that started out as friendships are the one that I treasure the most. Those men that I wanted nothing more than company and companionship with are also the men who shaped my self esteem, taught me about looking past an instant attraction and who I learned about trust from. They truly changed my life by being my friend first.

It would seem that that is a logical thing to say, that you should fall in love with someone whom you truly LIKE. Yet, sometimes it is that physical attraction or desire for someone that pushes us toward another heart, and while those moments make those first dates the stuff that gives us expressions like “love at first sight” , it’s the stories of people like “Harry & Sally” that stay with me & touch me most.

I am lucky enough to have married a man that I consider my friend. A person who even when times are rough and sex nonexistent or the house is a chaotic mess of emotions and laundry, I can still go over to and find a shoulder, a funny inside joke, a hug that warms me from the inside out. In those moments I am not thinking about moving him to the bedroom, but instead I am grateful for a guy who knows what kind of toothpaste I use, what I am most afraid of and how to make me giggle….his face lighting up as easily as my mood does.

My wish is that everyone reading this finds this kind of love in their lifetime, that you know the true meaning behind the words of one of my very favorite quotes: “Love is friendship set on fire.”

Thank you so much Kristin for having me here today…..wishing you lots of love and laughter my friend. xoxo


The Random Blogette said...

I love this! Kir is so awesome. She has quite the amazing way with words. Also, you can tell how awesome someone is when they were asked by both of us to guest post!

Kir said...

I love Kristin and Jayme today!!!! thank you so much for asking me BOTH of you. xoxoxo

Abigail said...

Awesome guest post! It's been fun following the Blog Hop and reading everyones different opinions on friendship!

Ducky said...

KIR is such an awesome friend and cheerleader in life! She really does know what everyone needs to hear and just when they need to hear it! Awesome Post KIR and what amazing things to say about your husband. It truly TRULY does make life so much easier to get through to have such a support helpmate! And I couldn't be happier that both YOU AND Kristin now have that!!!!

Mimi N said...

What a great post! Love and friendship make a beautiful combo. So excited for Kristin to enjoy what you have!


Kir said...

thank you, to all of you who came over to made my day. I am so glad that you liked this post.

And Ducky,,,you make me smile!!!! *and Quack* ;)

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