Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tips for Making It In One Piece!

This year marks the 3rd anniversary of my family's annual road trip, affectionately dubbed the Big Fat Family Road Trip (#BFFRT). Each year, my children and I embark on an adventure to see the country, in an effort to see all 48 states in the continental United States by the time the kiddos graduate from high school.

The #BFFRT is a ten day trek, and this year's destination is Seattle. Planning a vacation of this magnitude is no small feat. Every year I add a new best practice (or 5) to my bag of tricks.

Recently I polled you - my readers - for some of your tips and best practices.

The replies were fantastic, and varied from serious to gut busting.

Check out what some of you had to say!


Pack at least one set of an accessible change of clothes for all children. And shoes too - in case your six year old son holds his pee too long and then pees on his high tops at the gas station before he can make it to the bathroom.
Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. My latest thing is giving them each their own snack bag to eat whenever they want. Mostly healthy stuff with a treat. So maybe they won't be hungry at lunch, but you're on the road. Who cares? Saves money.
If you have a portable device that dispenses crack, I mean, that offers some sort of zombieinducing entertainment - bring it. We have a DVD player in my dirty minivan and it is soooo helpful on long trips.
Depending on their age and dexterity and ability to NOT get car sick - get them all their own set of crayons and a new coloring book so they are not just watching a show or playing video games the whole time.

I like to make bags for the kids to surprise them with...books, puzzles, snacks etc. They always look forward to those goodie bags even with them getting older.

If you're going to tie them to the roof of the car best use Duct Tape. The ends of rope often flap in the wind and that ends up chipping your paint.

One of the best things I did was buy two new movies the Renegades hadn't seen and I also bought new nintendo games. So when we got in the car there was something new to them. The other thing I did was take notebooks and paper. My daughter then took notes on each days activities. It kept her occupied.

DVD's, Nintendo DS's and when that fails Duct Tape.

OR I guess you could just make them some sort of fun traveling themed goodie bags.
~Steph, The Blue Zoo

A cooler full of snacks and drink are a must with our family.
~Becca, Everyday Life

Maybe some great music you all love. Everyday one of them gets to choose where lunch will be or what fun stop you will make.
~Tracy, Sellabit Mum


As you can see, there are many tips and tricks to keeping the wolves kids at bay as you log miles on your journey!

What tried and true travel tips do you have to share?

Stay tuned this week and next as Only Parent Chronicles features some more travel advice from our friends around the blogoshere!


Liz Mays said...

Daffy's suggestion cracks me up, but she's probably right about it working. lol

Anonymous said...

lol Those are good!!

Shell said...

I'm cracking up at the duct tape references!

Ducky said...

I'm thinking the change of clothes is a good idea for just all the time driving around. I tend to wait too long and until the last minute waaay too often and its mostly because I detest public bathrooms. I may or maynot have pee'd on my shoes a time or two and it had nothing to do with road tripping. :o)

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