Monday, June 27, 2011

Delivery Has a New Face in the Twin Cities

On Saturday, I was invited by @LifeWithLevi to experience a revolutionary change in delivery in the Twin Cities. FNS Delivers - which stands for food n stuff - offers delivery of food and stuff that just doesn't deliver!

Owners Luke and Elijah offered up a spread of local restaurants for our lunch, demonstrating that nothing really has to be off the table when it comes to eating in. In addition to partnerships with local area restaurants, FNS delivers anything from McDonald's to Applebees, and everything in between!

You would think that a service this awesome would cost an arm and a leg, and maybe your first born (to which lately, I wouldn't object). Imagine my surprise when I learned there was no mark-up on the food, you can order anything on the menu, FNS will place the order for you, AND IT ONLY COSTS $5!

That's right, for a $5 delivery charge, and an automatic 15% gratuity, you can have any local restaurant offering delivered to the comfort of your home...or office.

In addition to restaurant delivery, FNS Delivers will shop for and deliver your groceries, bring you Starbucks, even swing buy and pick up some Jeremiah Weed and lemonade if you have a mid-day (or evening) hankering for a cocktail!

If you're in the Twin Cities, I definitely recommend checking it out! The FNS Delivers website has all the nitty gritty on the services, the blog gives a glimpse into Luke and Elijah's great senses of humor, and following them on Twitter and Facebook makes you privy to some great contests they run for free food! Is there something you want that you don't see on their website? Call them! Luke admittedly has a hard time telling people no!

I was not compensated for writing this post. FNS Delivers provided lunch at no charge to discuss services offered by FNS Delivers. Writing of this review was not required in exchange for lunch and all opinions expressed are my own.


Unknown said...

That is such an awesome idea! I don't live there unfortunately, but would totally use them if I did!

Ducky said...

Phenom service and sounds super convienent! Wish there was something like that in my neck of the woods!

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