Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coccyx Isn't Fun to Say Anymore

I remember as a child finding humor in certain words.

My brother and I always laughed maniacally whenever a commerical for Menards played on the television. It's a regional hardware store... But that wasn't the funny part... They say "nards". When we were preteens, that was funny.

My kids think so, too.

Another word we had fun with was coccyx.

We thought we were pretty funny everytime we said, "I've briused my coccyx!"

You know, because we were saying... Cock...

Today however, a bruised coccyx isn't really so funny.

After slipping and falling down the stairs yesterday - coffee cup and laundry basket in hand, I've determined a bruised coccyx is the furthest thing from funny I've experienced in recent memory.

Sitting is agonizing.

Getting up is worse.

Laying down I can handle, as long as I don't have to readjust.

If I need something once I'm down, I'd better pray someone can get it for me.

Coughing or laughing are out of the question, too.

So, now that I am finally comfortable in my chair, it is time to finish up this post, try to get out of my chair, and head to the office. Where I get to try and sit some more.

Stupid bruised coccyx.


Losing Brownies said...

Ack! I've been there and its the worst! Get a hemmeroid pillow, seriously.

Cheeseboy said...

Ha ha. You said "coccyx".

Men still find it funny, even at the age of 35, er, 28.

Rachel said...

You fell and broke your ass? Lol. Sorry, couldn't help it. I fell down the stairs once, it truly does suck. Hope you feel better soon.

tara said...

Ouch! I may or may not have giggled when I saw the title of this post though! :)

Ducky said...

Nards....made me laugh out loud! Good thing my teleconference is on mute right now....AND I'm in a room with multiple computers. I'm suppose to be watching a power point presentation and listening via phone to this webinar. can tell how well thats going ;O)


Poor you. I've cracked my coccyx and it STILL bothers me from time to time. Prayers for swift healing!

PBJdreamer said...


that sounds horrible

please rest and take meds

get well soon

Sarah @ Shopping In Your PJs said...

Oh ouch, I've been there before and it's certainly not fun. Hope the pain subsides soon and that someday you're able to get a giggle out of coccyx again!

Unknown said...

oooh - ouch!!! Hope it gets better soon. That is a funny word though :)

Alicia said...

nards...ha! and bummer about your coccyx! get it...bum? lol...but i know how you feel, when we moved into the new house i fell down the stairs twice in 2 weeks! it does not feel good...hope you're feeling better boo!

Diane said...

Oh, umm...ouch! ouch! ouch! I would have probably cried and cursed to beat the band! Hope you are able to get rest and heal up soon.
I used to think the word hemorrhoid was funny until I got them and had to have them lanced at 7 months preganant! Now it's just an ugly, ugly word that makes me cringe.

June said...

Ouchy! That is not a fun place to bruise.
So sorry. Hope you heal up real quick!

Andrea said...

What the he!!? What happened? Ow. That sucks. Sorry. :( Hang in there, girlie! Want me to send you some cookies? The child is icing and sprinkling them now ... no? Are you sure? ;)

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