Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frazzle Brain - Yes, That's the Technical Term

When your mind is a jumble and life seems to be going in 856 different directions, it can be difficult to put your thoughts into words.

I'm heading to my grandma's again next week. I am waiting for a check from Baby Brother for his portion of Grandma's lot rent so I can get it there before it is late. I am trying to find a new oven for her house via Craigslist - from Minnesota. I have been picking up extra shifts at the bar because all of this time off has made the piggy bank run dry. I am praying that I can get the wall paper off the wall in both the bathrooms so I can get them and the kitchen painted. I am also hoping that I can get enough cleaned up while I am there by myself for the week so I can maybe enjoy part of a day at Fort Myers Beach.

I hope that my kids don't run amuck while I am away and that between my girlfriends and The Man, they are getting plenty of attention. I hope my dog doesn't think my bed is hers by the time I return.

I'm not sure how I feel about this second interview on Friday. I'd like to say I will leave it in God's hands, but experience tells me that He is going to use it as another test. Have I mentioned I hate tests?

I started a book I was really enjoying in December. With school work, grandma stuff, and my daughter's insatiable need to give me excess grey hair, I haven't picked it up in a couple of weeks.

I have had my butt kicked in Words With Friends by @LLLONLLL and @goodgirlgonered this week. I didn't get beat. I got killed.

I think I need a really loooooong nap!


Ian said...

That's because LLLLLLLOOOOONNNNNLLLLLLL is the wordsmith shiz

adrienzgirl said...

Technical term huh? Perhaps your use of made up technical terms could be your downfall in Words with Friends? Just a guess. :P

Love you mean it!

Andrea said...

Now, now. You didn't get killed, I just got lucky. ;) Especially after so many WWF peeps killed ME!

Have a good and easy trip and safe travels, and I hope you DO find a little time for just you. Smooches.

Danielle said...

Good luck out there!

mCat said...

Wow - you are crazy slammed busy. Let the dog keep your bed - just share it : )

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