Friday, December 24, 2010

Legoland Was A Success

I was honestly quite apprehensive venturing to the Streets of Woodfield 2 days before Christmas.
The Man's son is a Lego Maniac. (Cue the old Lego Maniac song from my childhood). Visiting Legoland is a dream come true for him, so we were more than happy to take him.

Most of my family lives in the Chicago area, so we were thrilled that my SIL and nephews could join us.
We honestly didn't think 3 adults and 8 kids ranging 12 - 3 months was going to be anything short of a clusterfuck, so we prepared ourselves for the worst.
Surprisingly, it went VERY smoothly. Everyone had a great time!
We divided and conquered and by 3:00, everyone was cashed.

Post Legoland, we joined Fave Cousin and her family at my Aunt's house for Taco Night.

Spending this time with my family this week has really gotten me into the Christmas spirit. I miss my family dearly and am so grateful to be able to see my parents, siblings, cousins, and their kids this Christmas.

I hope everyone is having an awesom Christmas Eve day and will see you all after Christmas!


gayle said...

So wonderful that you got to spend time with your family and have so much fun!

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