Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ProFlowers Spa Getaway Basket Review

As the only parent of two VERY ACTIVE pre-adolescents, life is crazy and hectic in my home.  From Boy Scouts to band lessons, and all of the commitments for The Girl's ADHD and ODD treatment, we are always on the go.  So when ProFlowers.com gave me the opportunity to review the Spa Getaway Basket, I was thrilled!

image from ProFlowers.com

While the basket I received looked a bit different, I was still very excited to put it's contents to use.  The description on ProFlowers.com said I would receive:

2 Pillar Candles  (received 4 votives)
12 oz Green Tea Scented Shower Gel
8 oz Green Tea Scented Bubble Bath
8 oz Green Tea Scented Bath Salts
20 Count Box of Tazo Assorted Tea Bags (received 2 boxes of 12) 
Green Bath Mitt
(I also received a 9.1 oz bottle of Green Tea Body Lotion)

While I was disappointed in not receiving pillar candles (I had the perfect candle holders for them in my bathroom), the substitution of 4 votives was alright.  They also added a bottle of Green Tea Body Lotion AND I received 4 extra bags of Tazo Tea.
All of the Green Tea Spa items had a clean, fresh smell to them.  They were not florally or overpowering in any way, which is PERFECT for my taste. 
Being that I have crazy dry skin, I was excited to try the exfoliating bath mitt.  The bath mitt was described as a "Green Bath Mitt" and while the materials used appear to be unbleached and undyed, there was nothing stating it to be made of all natural or recycled product.  In fact, it was 75% Cotton, 24% Ramie, and 1% "Other Fibers", so I'm not entirely sure what was green about it.  The exfoliating side of it seemed to be no more abrasive than a regular wash cloth, so I was very interested to see how well it exfoliated.
The Tazo Tea bags were also very exciting to me, as I love tea and grew fond of Tazo when I worked for Starbucks years and years ago.  The assortment consisted of Earl Grey, Organic Chai, China Green Tips, Refresh, Passion, and Calm.  For relaxation purposes, I chose to have a cup of Calm which is a chamomile blend.

My "Spa Getaway" at home was no disappointment. (Although I could have done without The Girl banging on the door every 5 minutes asking to come in!) The bath salts dissolved quickly and left my skin feeling silky soft.  The bubble bath was VERY bubbly (I probably used too much *blush* but it's been years since I've had a bubble bath) and the shower gel lathered really well!  The bath mitt worked wonders on my crazy dry skin and the bonus lotion was an awesome finishing touch.  My only disappointment was the candles.  Although the burned evenly, they didn't have much of a scent, which would have added nicely to the relaxation vibe.

All in all, if another basket from ProFlowers mysteriously showed up on my doorstep, I would be a very, very happy mama... *hint, hint*


Andrea said...

Sounds delightful! I'm glad you got a bit of pampering time in, despite the girl banging on the door! ;)

Debbie said...

ah pampering - nice!

adrienzgirl said...

That's awesome K! So glad you enjoyed your basket. I don't think there is much on this planet more relaxing that a nice quiet bubble bath!

Anonymous said...

A little pampering goes a long way. And I personally think its a plus that it was Green Tea. That smell ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

Its always nice when mom can get pampered! Bubble baths are awesome.

Ducky said...

Lucky Lucky YOU! Sounds like my kind of evening! AND my kinda basket (much better than bsket'case')

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