Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday; Things That Make Me Smile

You may or may not know, but the last week has been a difficult one for me and my closest bloggy friends.  Today, my dear friend Daffy lays her sister to rest.  It breaks my heart, and while I long to be by her side, she knows that I am with her in spirit and I am only a BBM away.

After all of the sadness of the past 7 days, I’ve decided to share with you things that rarely fail to put a smile on my face.

Happy Wednesday.  Make sure to tell the people you love that you love them.  Tell your friends you appreciate them.  And spread kindness all around you.

IMG_0627 Summer parties at the lake

IMG_0631Fireworks with my kids

IMG_0833People watching at the Minnesota State Fair

IMG_1240 Live music

IMG_1313 Football games

IMG_1822 Baseball games

IMG_1482 This man

IMG_1922 These kids


MommyBrain said...

Such an important reminders! And great photos, too!

Unknown said...

What wonderful memories!

Dee at Pedestrian Palate said...

Great photos.

June said...

Love the pictures!!

jules said...

I love people watching....looks like you got a good one there.

adrienzgirl said...

Those are great pics K! Love them. The one of you and the kids from the game last night is awesome! :D

Nancy C said...

I feel a renewed sense of gratitude for the many blessings in my life. I can tell you do as well!

Danielle said...

You are so cute!!!!! Love the pictures!

Tammy said...

After Daffy having to say goodbye to her sister this week it made me think about my sister and I wrote all about her today. Stop by and read it if you have time. I am your newest follower...found your blog through the retweets going to retweet it too! Thanks for the great reminders!

Tracie said...

Great pics!

Ducky said...

You've such a beautiful heart. Thank you for holding me up this week.

I love the photos! You have the cutest dimples.


Anonymous said...

aw! Great pics! love that last one!!

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