Thursday, May 20, 2010

Share a Spoon; Holiday Weekend


It’s that time again!  Head on over to Think Tank Momma for Share a Spoon!  Link your recipe and head out to see what our bloggy friends are sharing! 

This week is all about the big holiday weekend right around the corner.  What are your Memorial Weekend traditions?  So many people have cookouts or barbeques.  Here are some crazy easy recipes that are nutritious, delicious, and sure to be a hit!

Spinach SaladIMG_1896

Seriously, even my kids eat this!  It is sooooo easy and super healthy!  All you need is baby spinach, balsamic vinegar, sliced almonds, and dried cranberries.  Mix everything together to taste and you’re ready to rock!


Patriot Trifle

You will need an Angel Food cake (store bought or home made is fine). Two pounds of strawberries, one pound of blueberries, and one large container of fat-free Cool Whip.


Slice your Angel Food cake horizontally and line the bottom of your trifle dish.  You may have to cut a chunk out to make it fit.  Then layer half of your blueberries on top. Cover your blueberries with your halved strawberries and cover with Cool Whip.  Repeat!

The finished product is a low fat, healthy, and delicious treat for all to enjoy!



Tracie said...

Sounds good! Love the salad. Sometimes we do baby spinach with strawberries, feta cheese, and balsalmic dressing.

adrienzgirl said...

You know what? I might actually eat that trifle if I sub out the strawberries for raspberries. I think I might get on that! Thanks for inspiring!

Imaginative Me said...

Spinach is my favorite leaf! I put it in sooo many dishes. I will have to try your salad! That dessert looks soooo good!! Thanks for sharing!

Candice said...

The spinach salad not so much, but the dessert?!?!? Oh yeah!

Looks awesome!

Nancy C said...

That trifle is full of awesome and pretty to boot!

I love the spinach salad as a salad with nuts and texture.

Danielle said...

I want the spinach salad right now. That sounds good.

Anonymous said...

The trifle sounds delish! I might add a few chocolate chips just cause I love chocolate. =)

Alicia said...

i love that trifle!! i'm totally making that!! nom nom nom its perfect for the holidays coming up too!

Buffee said...

mmmmm. . . . looks so yummy!

I love to cook, but baking is not my thing! I tried making an angel food cake once. . .BIG mistake! HUGE! I had no idea it fizzed. . . it was a catastrophe! Never again! I'll stick to the store bought!

Andrea said...

OMG. That looks SO delicious. SO yum. I need some. NOW.

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